About Us.

Hi, we are Matt and Jennifer. We met in March of 2018 and when we met, Matt ran his own trucking business and was a long-haul over-sized truck driver. He was usually on the road 5 – 6 months of the year working with large equipment and machinery. I work at a local company here in Rapid City.

At the end of 2019, the Ghost Canyon Dude Ranch went up for sale. It was about 2 miles from where we lived and an absolutely beautiful place. We decided to make some changes in our lives and bought the Dude Ranch and renamed it Ghost Canyon Getaway. Matt came off of the road and we started our new adventure together.

Matt runs the Getaway and handles all aspects of the business. He is doing great shifting from driving a truck and working with machinery to working with guests and running the computer. He often jokes with guests, be patient, I was a truck driver until recently.

This whole adventure is new to us and we welcome any suggestions or ideas from our guests. We have enjoyed meeting our guests and getting to know them.

We are excited to have this opportunity and to share our little slice of heaven.

Matt and Jen